My Muse


This is Shelby. In college I asked her to pose for some photos for a project in my electronic imaging class. I soon realized what an absolute what a gift I was given and built a series of work around her. I recognize how homoerotic that sounds, but I assure you, it was purely for the sake of the art. There are four panels; love, faith, knowledge and sin (pictured above). Each panel was to represent different philosophies on what gives life meaning, and Shelby was to embody each philosophy. I’ve been told by many that I couldn’t have found a stronger model. It’s been a while now since I completed this series, but it’s still one of my favorites. In fact, being true to the narcissist I am, I have them displayed proudly in my apartment. Many people see this as a shrine to my love for Shelby, but again I can assure you that while I do love Shelby, I’m not in love with her. She aspires to do something or other in the medical field, but I’ve maintained that she should give all that up and pursue a career in professional musery (fyi that’s not a word). Just a thought.


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