Art for a Cause : Support women’s reproductive health



Pre inauguration, I did my very best to keep Donald Trump out of my thoughts. He was our president elect, and I knew nothing was going to change that. So I resolved to really live up those last few months as a citizen under the Obama administration, essentially stay happy and positive while I could. A day or so before the inauguration, I realized what a disservice I’d done to myself as I was suddenly overwhelmed and filled with panic that I could no longer push down. For the past 13 days, we’ve been bombarded, almost hourly, with new and horrifying information from inside the Trump administration. Rights he aims to take away, services he plans to disband, science he’s blatantly ignoring, and human life he chooses to disregard. It sends my head spinning. Tump himself is infinitely more terrifying than the threat of Trump. He is no longer the president elect, his banter is no longer hypothetical – he is the president, and he is taking very real and very devastating actions. However, though there was nothing that could change his imminent presidency, there are ways to take a stand and resist his policies.

All over the world people are taking a stand against the Trump administration and its hateful propaganda. There are so many ways to stay active; protests, fundraisers, and random displays of human kindness just to name a few. Find ways to support the causes near and dear to you. A major issue (though, not the only) for me is women’s reproductive rights. If you subscribe to the belief that PP should be defunded for the sole reason that they preform abortions, PLEASE educate yourself. There are so many amazing services they offer outside of that; services that many women depend on. Services that affect the welfare of women’s bodies and minds. THAT AFFECT WOMEN ALONE.

I cannot stress enough how frustrating it is to think about men of privilege strategizing legislation that aims to take away a woman’s right to what she does with HER OWN BODY. And yet, it’s happening. There’s a lot of talk about how exactly this will all go down, but defunding Planned Parenthood is a major factor in the equation. In my opinion, PP is a necessary organization, and I stand with them. I recently finished a small batch (16 pints) of the female reproductive system. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you already know about them – I’ve already posted about these prints several times But I want to continue promoting them, whether you’re sick of hearing about it or not. This is because 25% of the proceeds will be donated to Planned Parenthood. If you’re interested in a print click here. I’m raising money because it’s one thing I can do to combat the attack on women’s rights. It helps me to get through the day knowing there is something I myself can do to make a difference. This isn’t to say that women’s rights are the only or most important issue. There are countless, and I encourage everyone to find a way to make a difference for the causes that matter to you. Women’s rights are something I’ve always been passionate about, and it’s important, especially now, to protect them.


To learn more about Planned Parenthood and the MANY services they offer, click here.


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