Save the Bees

Hi friends. I know it’s been a minute since I last posted, and I apologize. You see, my head’s been all over the place, and articulating any one coherent thought has been a real struggle to say the least. I decided it was best to spare you any disjointed ramblings that somehow connect back to my art. Little about my mindset has changed, and yet, here I am. So bare with me here.

I find that when life is particularly challenging, it’s best to immerse myself in a project that gives me a sense of purpose. Lately, that’s been a LOT of printmaking. Generally, my prints don’t focus heavily on social issues or politics, rather, they’re tiny, delicate objects that I find beautiful. But in this case, it’s both.


I Certainly don’t need to tell you  that the honey bee population is in decline. Climate change is real, people, and it affects the bees in several ways, including their reproductive capabilities. If you don’t see why that’s a HUGE problem, please read. (Warning: it’s some pretty disturbing stuff).

I know, I know. I absolutely don’t make a large enough effort to reduce my own carbon footprint. My boyfriend, faced with quite a lot of adversity on my part, forced me to start recycling. I try, but apparently I’m doing it all wrong? I forget to turn off and lights, and I use aerosol hairspray….a lot. But I think it’s our responsibility as the dominant species to recognize these missteps and work on correcting them. And I promise to do better as well.

Since I promised to steer clear of rambling, I’ll start wrapping this up. It’s our responsibility as humans to protect the earth. And it’s my responsibility as an artist to provoke deep thought and conversation about real life issues of consequence.  The piece below not-so-subtly illustrates the disappearance of bees. If just one person can look at that piece and make the decision to REALLY care, then I’ve done my job as an artist and my purpose has been realized.


To purchase prints, click here.

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