Shotgun House Progress

I talk a lot about loving printmaking because of the process. And that’s completely the truth. But before the printing begins, there the process of developing content. This isn’t specific to printmaking, and it’s the hardest part of developing any kind of art. I can’t say that my initial inspiration usually comes from anything other than things I find to be visually appealing. So I generally start there – with an image of something I like. I translate this image into my own rendering, which tends to be pretty basic. Once I’ve got a sketch I like, I transfer it onto my linoleum and carve away. And now I’ve got the content. From here I can begin the actual printing process I love so much.

Below is a visual walk through of what I’m talking about. I think it’s pretty interesting to see how a piece originated. At this point I haven’t done any actual printing, but I’ll be starting that tomorrow. Once I get some solid prints going, I’ll begin collaging and painting, etc to get the multidimensional, multimedia end result – Stay tuned for that! I’m also thinking about a series of several homes…….


Tomorrow I’ll be running some test prints and playing with color. All very exciting stuff.

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