Sorry I’ve been neglecting you lately. May has been non-stop for me, and for the first time in about three weeks I finally have some time to sit and collect my thoughts. That’s not exactly true – I have has some downtime which has been spent mostly reading so I can post an updated reading list/review (you’re welcome). But aside from that, I’ve barely even had time to eat (also not true, there’s always time for food).

I was in Nola for mothers day weekend (pictures below) and since then I’ve worked every. single. day. Two of my friends have had birthdays, there were three holidays (cinco de mayo, memorial day and wine day – but if I’m being honest, everyday is wine day, amiright?), two funerals, one First Friday, one dinner party, one music festival, The Bachelorette FINALLY started, several meetings with various employers, mentors and co-collaborators, and one emergency trip to the vet. (Notice the non presence of brunch on that list – so sad). I’m sure I’m leaving a lot out, but essentially, I’ve drafted very little new art and I’ve been seriously neglecting Stanley (which is probably why he faked an injury and is currently lit AF on painkillers; another story for another time).

More to the point, there IS new art coming, which I will be updating you on as it comes. I’ve also been lacking on my posts, and for that I apologize. I promise to also be better about regularly posting – even if it is just to apologize for my lack of posting. BUT, later this week I’ll be posting an open letter to Mariah Carey accompanied by a top ten list songs that revolutionized pop music and changed the world (I’m really not joking). SooOoOOoo, be on the look out for that, because it’s sure to be one hoot of a read. And to prove I’m not completely exaggerating my level of commitments this past month, here’s photo documentation of some of the events listed above:


IMG_5238First Friday/ Cinco de Mayo
IMG_5243First Friday/ Cinco de Mayo
IMG_5338Mothers Day Crawfish boil
IMG_5377Mothers Day
IMG_5362Mothers Day
IMG_5331More Mothers Day
IMG_5305Shelby’s Birthday
IMG_5401Dinner Party
IMG_5444Emergency Vet Visit (for no reason)
IMG_5445The Bachelorette Viewing Party

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