International Print Exchange 2017

“The International Print Exchange is an unjuried print exchange with no assigned theme, open to all, that celebrates fine art printmaking.”


A few months back, I was looking for ways to connect with other printmakers and build up my art collection. I’d heard of small batch print exchanges and thought that sounded really interesting. In a very brief online search, I came across the IPE where artists from all over the world submit ten editions of a print to be displayed in a an exhibition and exchanged with other artists. Super interesting, right?!

A few months later, I’m sending my prints to the UK (in an extremely expensive package, I might add. Note to self: stop procrastinating). Which, in itself, I found pretty cool. My art was becoming more worldly than myself.

Last week, after MUCH anticipation, I finally received my assortment of prints (shown below).  The prints themselves are really beautiful, but I’ve been the most delighted to learn about where they came from and who made them. A quick search on the IPE website provides some artist info, professional websites, instagrams and facebook pages. It might sound pretty stalkerish, but over the past few days, I’ve dedicated a LOT of time to learning about the artists who created my new print collection.

I’ve been nerding out pretty hard ever since I learned about this particular exchange. And I have to say, I haven’t been this excited about a project in a long time. I think this is a really awesome and unique opportunity to collect art and connect with artists who share my same passion all over the world. I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

Below are the prints I received. You can view the entire exchange and exhibit on the IPE website:


Laura Finella Welburn | UNITED KINGDOM

“Hench” Linocut


Larry B. Prestwich | UNITED STATES

“There was a Record” Solar Etching



“Found” Drypoint


Veronica Caranza Lopez | COSTA RICA

“Esperando Las Tres De La Manana” Xilografia


Gajraj Chavan | INDIA

“Rhythm” Linocut


Saeko Matsushita | FRANCE

“Enchanted” Etching


Stacey Cox | AUSTRALIA

“Dancing Spirit” Linocut


Maureen McAdams | UNITED KINGDOM

“Poverty” Hand Letter Press


To find out more about the exchange and its participants visit their website:


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