My name is Olivia. I’m a 25 year old artist, currently in the process of re evaluating my life. I don’t write this blog because I think I’m a good writer, or even just a writer. There’s little purpose or direction, I just like it. Here are some things you should know about me: 

  • I’m obsessed with my dog, Stanley (partially pictured above). I talk about him almost exclusively, and I think he might be the cutest thing to ever exist. Don’t believe me? Check him out on instagram @stan_the_sausage.
  • I live in Denver, but I’m from New Orleans. And though I don’t plan on moving back to NOLA, I constantly talk about it (note the use of the word “almost” in reference to the exclusivity in which I talk about Stanley. New Orleans is the exception). But please, if we ever meet, don’t let your first questions to me be either of the following: “Were you there for Katrina?” or “What is Mardi Gras like.” And for my own sanity and your own personal well-being, please never pronounce it “Nawlins.”
  • I can be kind of a dick about your music taste. Don’t take it personally, it’s just how I was raised.
  • I can also be kind of a dick about books and movies, too. Sorry.
  • I played the tuba for about 18 months in middle school.
  • My mom is my best friend, and we talk on the phone anywhere from 2 – 16 times a day. I guess it’s kind of weird?
  • The main food groups, as I know them, are bread, pizza, potatoes and cheese.
  • My tribe is scattered across North America, and occasionally, we go international. I have friends that I see every day, and some I see once a year (if I’m really lucky), but that’s ok because I still have a very deep and strong love for all of them. Some more than others (sorry Lucie).
  • My first true love was, and still is, art.

So there you have it. I won’t get into politics or religion right here right now. But you better believe I have opinions, and sooner or later they’re bound to make their way into a post or two. But really, I made this blog to celebrate all the things in my life that give me inspiration. I want this to be a generally positive space. I want to show you guys my art, art that inspires me and all the little day-to-day things in between.  SOOOO, I hope you enjoy all the things that make me, me.