My name is Olivia. I’m a 26 year old artist, currently and always in the process of re evaluating my life. I don’t write this blog because I think I’m a good writer, or even just a writer. There’s little purpose or direction, I just like it. Here are some things you should know about me:

  • I’m obsessed with my dog, Stanley (partially pictured above). I talk about him almost exclusively, and I think he might be the cutest thing to ever exist. Don’t believe me? Check him out on instagram @stan_the_sausage.


  • I live in Denver, but I’m from New Orleans. And though I don’t plan on moving back to NOLA, I constantly talk about it (note the use of the word “almost” in reference to the exclusivity in which I talk about Stanley. New Orleans is the exception). But please, if we ever meet, don’t let your first questions to me be either of the following: “Were you there for Katrina?” or “What is Mardi Gras like.” And for my own sanity and your own personal well-being, please never pronounce it “Nawlins.”


  • I can be kind of a dick about your music taste. Don’t take it personally, it’s just how I was raised.


  • I can also be kind of a dick about books and movies, too. Sorry.


  • I played the tuba for about 18 months in middle school.


  •  My mom is my best friend, and we talk on the phone anywhere from 2 – 16 times a day. Is that weird?


  • Sarah Martin is my soul mate. Do not confuse best friend with soul mate, though there are a lot of overlapping qualities in the two.


  • The main food groups, as I know them, are bread, pizza, potatoes and cheese. Also fried chicken and tacos. Sometimes pasta. It’s a really complicated pyramid.


  • My tribe is scattered across North America, and occasionally, we go international. I have friends that I see every day, and some I see once a year (if I’m really lucky), but that’s ok because I still have a very deep and strong love for all of them. Some more than others (sorry Lucie).


  • My first true love was, and still is, art.


So there you have it. I won’t get into politics or religion right here right now. But you better believe I have opinions, and sooner or later they’re bound to make their way into a post or two. But really, I made this blog to celebrate all the things in my life that give me inspiration. I want this to be a generally positive space. I want to show you guys my art, art that inspires me and all the little day-to-day things in between. I’m in a point in my life where I’ve never been quite so comfortable with myself. I have little shame and my inhibitions are limited. And I really REALLY love my life. I hope that comes across is my posts. In the midst of the chaos that is Designing Olivia, the true goal is for you to really feel the passion in all the things I talk about. Enjoy.